Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Brainstorming it is a great technique used to generate ideas. Whether for artistic minds or businesses looking for fresh thoughts on an old problem. I normally like to start with a word. More than likely the word is your problem. Then think of everything, YES everything that pops into your mind while thinking about that word. Let yourself wonder, no thought or word is wrong; hey it is just a process. Another form of Brainstorming is doodling, yes drawing random shapes, swirls and characters fill your page with these images, whatever comes to mind or not comes to mind, let it be mindless. Let the image just come.
Group Brainstorming is always fun. (TIP: Get everyone one hopped up on sugar before.) Have a huge wall or blackboard (yes dry erase will work too) talk about the brainstorming topic and just let people freely and wildly say the first thing that comes to mind, give out chalk let them all have a blast doing it, see what wild imaginative people you have let your group feed off each others imagination. Sometime the best idea's come from the most off the wall brainstorming sessions.
So start brainstorming and see what you come up with.

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