Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introduction to Rachel

I am a freelance graphic designer living and working in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area. My goal with this blog is to explore, learn and develop my design style, and in the process educate and intrigue people about the graphic design industry.

A little history on myself. I am a Floridian, born in Miami and because of events have moved to many locations inside the state, I have gone from the tip of Florida to the Northern parts of the state. I graduated from high school then attended Lake City Community College in Lake City, FL where I obtained my AA degree in Liberal Art Studies. I Received my BA in Graphic Design from Flagler College, in St. Augustine FL. I have worked in a printing company for over two years and have Freelanced for web design companies, and local businesses in Orange Park. I am currently working as a freelance designer.

My latest project has been a web site and brochure for a non profit organization called Figaro Angel Network. I have worked closely with Shy FIgaro on his project. The website is in the final stages and will be up and running within the next two weeks. Shy Figaro is a fashion designer and will be having a fashion show to support his charity on May 21st in Delray Beach, FL. The project that I am working on has that in mind for its launch date. He and I both want to make sure people can donate and get volunteer information.

I am closing with the hope that you have a background on who I am. With the following blogs I hope to delve deeper into my creative mind and exercise this powerful muscle. I hope you enjoy, I plan on doing a new blog per week. Thank you.

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